Kimberley Preiksaitis

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Siena College School of Business, Loudonville, NY USA


As a business professional, my career progression prior to academia allowed me to focus on gaining both consulting expertise and marketing knowledge, which I applied to a variety of client situations.

With experience in small- to medium-sized organizations across the industries of management consulting, advertising and economic development, I am familiar with managing projects from the ground up. In my role as a business analyst I gained experience in strategic planning and facilitation, assisting clients to better their organizations through internal team management changes.

My time in industry also includes experience as an Account Manager for a small advertising agency in the eastern part of Canada. In this role I honed my client relationship management skills while developing my knowledge of current marketing trends, advertising campaign development, and media programming. I also helped a range of clients achieve their marketing goals, whether it was developing a new brand identity or communicating bold ideas through national advertising campaigns.

Finally, as the Internet Marketing Specialist for an regional economic development agency, I gained additional marketing insights via the perspective of acting as the client while interfacing with external marketing agencies. In this role I developed expertise in managing the internal activities that drive marketing decision-making while also managing the organizations brand through various online and social media channels. 

My broad-based industry experience allows me to apply a managerial lens to my research interests, while allowing me to maintain an active interest in the changing business dynamics that affect marketing theory as well as practice. 


Internet and Marketing Specialist – Greater Halifax Partnership

Account Manager – Revolve Branding

Business Analyst – Managerial Design (now Deloitte Consulting)