Kimberley Preiksaitis

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Siena College School of Business, Loudonville, NY USA


I am interested in how consumers engage with consumer journeys and develop their relationships with brands, in both imagined and dynamic contexts. Presently, my dissertation focuses on consumers who perceive desired consumption experiences as unattainable in some way and I both examine the experience consumers create through their imagination and the underlying processes present when consumers engage with desired consumption items through their imagination. I also explore how consumers deal with changes that brands may make as part of their strategic decision making. In my research, I employ methods of survey design, interviews and scenario-based experimental designs.

Two questions guide my current research interests:

  • What value can the imagination offer consumers, regardless of their progress through the consumption journey, and what role do these interactions with the imagination play in the overall consumption journeys consumers take?

  • When consumers have an ongoing relationship with a brand, what consequences do consumers experience when brands make changes?

Selected Research in Progress

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin, “Developing a Framework for Envisioning Consumption Experiences: Consuming via the Imagination,” Manuscript in preparation.

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin, “Consumer Responses to Target Market Expansion,” Manuscript in preparation.

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin, “Deriving Value via the Imagination: How Knowledge Level and Perceptions of Chances alter Imaginative Mental Experiences,” Three studies completed.

PEER-REVIEWED conference pROCEEDINGS and Presentations

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin (2017), “Unattainable Desires and Imaginative Mental Experiences,” Winter Educators Conference – American Marketing Association, Poster Session, Orlando, USA, February 2017. (Working Paper)

Kimberley Mosher and Peter A. Dacin (2016),"Alternative Consumption Experiences Via Imaginative Fantasy Creation", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 44, eds. Page Moreau and Stefano Puntoni, Duluth, MN: Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 564-564. (Competitive Paper)

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin (2016), “The Effects of Doing Business: Consumer Responses to Typical Business Changes,” in 2016 Summer AMA Conference Volume 27 – “Regaining Relevance: Doing Research that Reshapes the Practice of Marketing,” eds. Bernard Jarworski and Neil Morgan, Chicago, IL: American Marketing Association, Pages: B-40. (Competitive Paper)

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin (2016), “Taking Consumers for Granted: How Brand Changes May Have Big Consequences,” in the Academy of Marketing’s 11th Global Brand Conference “Brands that Do Good”, Bradford, UK: Pages 195-200. (Competitive Paper)

Mosher, Kimberley and Peter A. Dacin (2015), "How Brand Changes Impact Self-Brand Connections with Brands," Administrative Sciences of Canada Annual Conference, Halifax, Canada, June 2015. (Competitive Paper)